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Issue 2.1

Winter 2022

Will Cordeiro


I am more interested in throwing my voice than in finding it. I write every day and go on my nerve. I’m trying not to turn myself into a brand. Poems are something more than just rhetorical machines that communicate, persuade, or influence. In the process of writing, I seek to move toward the expanses of unknowing. I hope each reader takes what they like—my sense is as good as theirs.


Sun, our giver
of shadows, un- 
ravels the flesh:

the impossible 
clouds zero
over the river

which licks up
copper & peach,
late evening.

Stripped &
the grasses 

are interrogated
by gravel. I ask 
the frass of each

leaf questions.
Being’s budded,
tipping, a breath 

on which a
seed-puff is
taken. Light

seems like 
The world,

broken, goes 
& glamours. 

My whorled
hand recklessly 

Will Cordeiro has work published or forthcoming in AGNI, Best New Poets, Bennington Review, The Cincinnati Review, Copper Nickel, DIAGRAM, Poetry Northwest, The Threepenny Review, THRUSH, and elsewhere. Will won the 2019 Able Muse Book Award for Trap Street. Will is also co-author of Experimental Writing: A Writers’ Guide and Anthology, forthcoming from Bloomsbury. Will co-edits Eggtooth Editions and teaches in the Honors College at Northern Arizona University.

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