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Issue 3.2

Summer 2023

Andrew Maxwell


In the reading repeated. The practical craft.

Perhaps. There. Is a threshold upon

or within which. Like twine. There. Is the rite

in the writing. Between teeth. To be.

four hermetic stanzas


Forgotten within is forever ungrounded.

Forever to follow that barely veiled blessing.

That sevenfold twilight.


Wet every last rosethorn. We otherwise write.



Thereafter is embertongue elsewhere to suffer

unspeaking that absence. Thereafter as if to be

wounded no more.



Beloved that absence unending of sympathy.

Never by embertongue. Otherwise

whispered as elsewhere is whispered awake.



Verdant thereafter. As every last rosethorn

grows whyless. That sudden shade

into which we could be gathered.


To welcome unknowing that flame.

We could be never so lovely that flame.

Andrew Maxwell studies medieval literature, with particular interests in contemplative writing and apophatic theology.

Andrew's Book Recommendations

Jos Charles, feeld

Hildegard of Bingen, trans. Priscilla Throop, Physica

Marguerite Porete, trans. M.N., The Mirror of Simple Souls

Hadewijch, trans. Mother Columba Hart, Complete Works

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