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Issue 4.1 

Winter 2024
4.1 Ellen

Ellen Harrold


Physical existence persists as a state of decay, a constant change formed through chemical reactions and the passage of time. The idea of preservation seems like an oxymoron. For something to be preserved, it must be irreversibly changed, and even that preservation process will begin to decay and change. Our perception defines this by beginnings and ends, the eruption of individual events rather than the progression of physics, chemistry, and biology. The poems are recordings of movements and sounds, atrophied by memory and translation to conduct your eyes and breath in movements into patterns that will also decay. Savor the sensations. They won't last.

Along the Line

Simple                       Simple                       Simple                       Simple                       Simple


Carving cadmium sutures over the lifelong smell of a bread knife, poorly wielded


Simple                       Simple                       Simple                       Simple

Ellen Harrold is an artist, writer, and editor of Metachrosis Literary.  She is currently exploring the connections between science, art, and storytelling. She has recently published poetry with Die Leere Mitte, New Note Poetry, and Danse Macabre. She also published her first book The Aesthetics and Conventions of Medical Art.

Ellen's Recommendations

The Goddesses of Water by Jeanette L. Clariond
(Translated by Samantha Schnee)

Slide by Mark Pajak

The Room Between Us by Denise Saul

Self Portrait As Othello by Jason Allen Paisant

Riptide by Amanda Bell

Arias of Consolation by John Liddy
(This one is a particular favourite by a local author)

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