Submissions are OPEN.
They will close on
July 15, 2022.



What is a poem you’ve written (and not yet published) that you believe in and that is pushing your edge of comfort in the language? What poem shows me how flexible and sharp language can be? I am less interested in form and narrative than I am in "the line," but good, fun play on the page (screen?) is always appreciated.


Will you email me that poem (and a reflection…no more than about 250 words) on how you’d like readers to read it?


You can send up to five unpublished poems (but not if you've shared them on the web in someway including social media). Be prepared, also, to talk about a book you were reading while creating this study. It's best if all poems are covered in the same reflection and book you'll be reviewing.

Make sure all poems are in the same document.

Put your 50-ish word bio and reflection in a cover letter/body of your email.


What is an image that helps us think about reality? Send me high-res image for consideration.

Put your 50-ish word bio and title of the image in your email.