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Issue 3.2

Summer 2023
3.2 Connor

Connor Fisher


The poem is an insect and a rabbit. The poem un/crowns a new pope. It "walks across the wavering needles of a passing fir."

Connor Fisher is the author of The Isotope of I (Schism Press, 2021) and three poetry and hybrid chapbooks including Speculative Geography (Greying Ghost Press, 2022). His poetry has appeared in journals including Denver Quarterly, Random Sample Review, Tammy, Tiger Moth Review, and Clade Song. He currently lives and teaches in northern Mississippi.

Connor's Book Recommendations

-Divine Blue Light (for John Coltrane) by Will Alexander 

- Wittgenstein's Mistress by David Markson

- ROW, by Tomaz Salamun (trans. Joshua Beckman)

- One with Others by C.D. Wright

- The Tradition by Jericho Brown

The I as a Floundering Encyclopedia

As a cake, I sat in the bakery window.

I was the window. I looked through myself

and saw myself as a translucent infant. 

I was wrapped in a blanket, coddled,

sung to by a girl who had wed the sky.

With her tongue-tip, she lit a forbidden

candle. I was the burning wick. I was the

park where she sat, alone, eating lemons with

her filed teeth. I was the radish growing under

ground, snipping off pieces of myself with

pearl-handled scissors. I was a hog. I snuffled

through the underbrush in search of a

flawless truffle. I took myself to every market.

I had no resemblance to the night sky.

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