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Issue 3.3

Fall 2023

Kerri Sonnenberg


 I am thinking about the private body and the public body, how porous the boundaries between each can become, particularly under the influences of fear/threat and pleasure/the sensual.  

Food Truck Nite

unparalleled, the jerk

chicken for which I’ll risk

my life among the disgruntled

public, the base

ingredient is heat,

so many flags give fleeting


and the orange

sauce on the side

that costs extra

pretends to cool

the fire but then delivers

a punch, its own,


we have to stop

and breathe

feel the parts per million

cycle hardiness

zones of tongue

in time

the revving

of a line

of crotch rockets

at the stop

light taking off,

popping first one

then several


Kerri Sonnenberg is author of The Mudra (Litmus Press). Recent work appears in Peripheries, The Arkansas International and Oversound. Originally from Illinois, she now lives in

Cork, Ireland.

Kerri's Book Recommendations:

A book that I’ve read umpteen times and that was certainly open near me when writing "Food Truck Nite" is Hoa Nguyen’s Your Ancient See Through. I love how kinetic her lines are—funny, sonic, chiming. In their dance with the quotidian they set churning some dark metaphysic in

the wings. 

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