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Issue 3.2

Summer 2023

Su Love


The working title of my poem “Difference” was “Reading A Thousand Wings by Kelly Moffett,” and the epigraph is from her poem “What was Left.” When we close a remarkable book, what are we left with?


-after Kelly Moffett

The horse is god and she won’t come even though

I am the woman with apples in her hands


I am afraid of horses and what

Woman am I, what

In my hands? Not apples,

Trees. Frailties,

Morning fields. Crossroads,

The measure of god.

Difference. More than

I knew. A bit.

Su Love is the author of six collections of poetry, some published as Su Smallen. Her work has been recognized internationally, most recently by Salmon Poetry in Ireland, the Unamuno Author Series in Spain, and the Minnesota State Arts Board. (

Su's Book Recommendations

A Thousand Wings, Kelly Moffett (2014, Salmon Poetry)
Sinkhole, Juliet Patterson (2022, Milkweed Editions)
The Saint of Everything, Deborah Keenan (2023, Lynx House Press)

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