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Issue 3.1

Winter 2023
3.1 Amanda

Amanda Stopa Goldstein


Most women have been taught to talk in code about our experiences. It seems like religion, our stories of gods or origin, also employ these codes as a meaning to control people. These poems are a reimagining of the stories that make us women in the modern world. 


Do you understand
    the altar I would build you?

It would be
    heavy pine
And I would carry it

     around my neck
like a millstone

So that when I finally got to you
    placed it before you
with a vase of narcissus
    plain perennial
you would look at it

And not see me

Amanda Stopa Goldstein is a poet and short story writer. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Philadelphia Stories, Cherry Tree Literary Journal, and The Arlington

Literary Journal.

Amanda's Book Recommendations

Sharon Olds, Arias and The Wellspring

Ted Hughes, Tales from Ovid

Poems by Saint Catherine of Siena 

Angela Duckworth, Grit

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