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Issue 2.2

Summer 2022
2.2 Corrine W

Corrine Walsh


Writing poetry came to me when I let go of my ambitions to become a writer. Poems find me mostly in the night and I write some of them down in the early morning if they are still here.

a Poet

I’m a poet when I swim. 

I made this poem in a pool, 

reaching out and pulling in. 

Words are like water when you swim. 


I’m a poet when I do laundry. 

Loading, soaking, spinning, running 

water washes loose the words. 

I collect them from the lint trap in an end.

Part Scottish, part lesbian, part parent, part silent, Corinne Walsh longs less for solitude than laughter.  She currently resides in Rhode Island. Having studied literature with Carolyn Williams (BU) and writing with Karen Boren (RIC), Corinne is grateful to writing and publishing poetry at the age of 61.  THE BOOK OF LU will be her first collection.

Corrine's Book Recommendations

A Sky Full of Wings (Finishing Line Press chapbook) by Ksenis Rychtycka

Cows by Lydia Davis

Aimless Love by Billy Collin

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