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Issue 2.2

Summer 2022
2.2 Eric A

Eric Acosta

los olvidados

                 0.      un chevrolet noir


                 1.      Given the Salon is cancelld


                 2.      lit a match with thumb

                          struck a conceptual

                          partnrs in crime





3.      diadewm

         4.      mouth

finishd er

                                  on his











                                  undr cherbourg


                                  bear weight absnce 

                                  fragile rain expose

                                  late night street

                                  loves promise alwys

                                  aftr dancin

6.      I beam


In Brooklyn–

oystrs hide poirls


solar pur–




Rita Hayworth's skin

         8.      in–


                                                                                                9.               brittle hat


                                                                                                                  stale grass beneath

Eric Acosta lives and works in Seattle, Washington. His work has appeared in A Void #4, Clamor, NoMaterial and Hex Enduction Magazine. Work forthcoming by Really Serious Literature in 2023/24. See more of his work at or on Instagram @bottle_meat.

Eric's Book Recommendations

Cristina Rivera Garza—Taiga Syndrome
Cormac McCarthy—Border Trilogy
William Lindsay Gresham—Nightmare Alley
Emily Skillings—Fort Not
Ernest Becker—The Denial of Death


Initially this seems to be only an experiment of space, but it's an exploration of the mechanics of a poem, what makes a poem live. A line/word is partially particle-like and partially wave-like, but is really something more complex that is neither a simple wave nor a simple particle. The line/word are described by a probabilistic quantum wavefunction, which spreads out through space and vibrates, but in such a way that it still has certain discrete properties such as mass. When bound in a stable state in a poem, the line/word wavefunction spreads out into a certain shape/space. The shape/space does not contain or describe the average location of a mass but rather, the shape/space is the line/word. (Yes—this is just a description of an electron inside an atom, where the word "electron" and "atom" are replaced.)

                                  5.      linguists view wrds so minimally




                                  7.      and the storm were palm

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