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Issue 2.2

Summer 2022

Heikki Huotari


This poem is a lucid dream that the author had, and which the reader is free to have too.

Freeing Zebras

Shy  of certainty,  you'll ask  the school  of fish what

school it is  and if you act your age  then  Jesus will

have naught to do with you.   The supplement,  the

salt lick will become the tongue.


As past extrapolation holds no candle, gawking at a

flora or a fauna I become one.  I can't have what the

Almighty's  having  so  I'll  have  what  the  Almighty

recommends –  what could go wrong?


To those  opposed  to knowing  clones  I  offer  my

anthology,    to   all   I   did    or   will   offend.   The

bifurcation    and   postponement   bifurcated  and

postponed,  will someone  scramble  my  priorities

while I'm  not watching?  Why won't  someone ask

the midpoint what the difference between the two

endpoints is?


By dint of  my  detection,  elementary particles spin

neither  up  nor  down.  There  is  no  blood  on  my

hands. Though caught in the act of freeing zebras, I

deny I'm setting zebras free.

Heikki Huotari attended a one-room school and spent summers on a forest-fire lookout tower. Since retiring from academia/mathematics he has published poems in numerous literary journals, including Pleiades, Spillway, the American Journal of Poetry and Willow Springs, and in five collections.

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