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Issue 2.3

Fall 2022
Hiram. Fall 22

Hiram Larew


I wasn't reading a particular book when I wrote these poems.  Instead, I was wondering about how "stretchable" language could be.  And, how most all things counter-intuitive are so, so wise. The magic that night brings to our poems. Yes!

Yellow's Blue


How poems beg the moon
         to conjure rhyme
         or shimmer

How too nights jot
         through yellow’s blue


Or stars mood the ever-lines
         and pencils dream

How poems spill or bask the moon—
         what’s scribbled in between

Larew's poems have appeared in Honest Ulsterman, Contemporary American Voices, Poetry South, Live Encounters, The Iowa Review and KNOT.  His most recent collection, Mud Ajar, was published by Atmosphere Press in 2021.

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