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Issue 2.3

Fall 2022
Jami. Fall 22

Jami Macarty

To be for infers 

to be against,
                         just as take presumes give,


assumes filled-in 

                         and tree’s up 
                         shadows root-river.


Dear Ruse of Choice,
the goodbye on the side of silence 
clashes with raucous hello. 

                                                An arm in a sleeve gathers an emptiness
                                              in the one waving back to the one waving.


Hours up-hill hiking into the wind purge 
the chest muscle of stasis, could fall felled 
to a fragrant could fly.


                                                         Those alive can be necro-torn.

Cattails’ wind-awry reeds double-threaded by red-wingeds and rain.

Water seeps betweens and wind gales a middlescape.

                                                    Adhering to that logic, call the breeze
                                                                      a loss of warmth.

A mind brittle in the now from the then.


                                                Remembering ranges is this I a built nest
                                                  or the clashing vows of anachronism?


Call rain teeth or beads, then the rain 
chews its own foot or strings a curtain of crystals
                        amidst which two crows bracketing a branch 
                        slough a were curve 
                                                 into the law of gravity—
               arrangements by chance 
                                                               as not dog,     
                                                                                         as wolf.      

A writer of essays, reviews, and poetry, Jami Macarty is the author of The Minuses (Center for Literary Publishing, 2020), winner of the 2020 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award—Poetry Arizona. Jami's second collection, The Long Now Conditions Permit, was a finalist for the 2022 Test Site Poetry Series Prize.

Jami's Book Recommendations

Alphabet (New Directions, 2001), by Inger Chistensen; translated by Susanna Nied

Loss/Less (Shanti Arts LLC, 2022), by Rebecca A. Durham

Earth Room (Changes, 2022), by Rachel Mannheimer

The City That Is Leaving Forever (Talonbooks, 2021), by Rahat Kurd & Sumayya Syed

Gazing at the Moon (Shambhala, 2021), by Saigyo; translated by Meredith McKinney


This poem, from The Long Now Conditions Permit, is what I might describe as walk- and word-determined. The poem was composed by sculpting words from a word-block built from written encounters and rememberings arising during a walk. 

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