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Issue 2.2

Summer 2022
2.2 Rebecca

Rebecca Frost


I read Louise Glück's Proofs & Theories during the creation of this poem. The chapter "Against Sincerity" jumps out for me. I accuse myself of being overly sincere. To what end?


Time slips off  

the end of my pencil  

and pools. The rocket slips  

off the edge of the biosphere  

to cheers. We don’t know  

when to stop the applause  

because we are busy  

glancing and darting,  

slipping off to perimeters  


He told me a compass would

be more valuable  

than a map. While I believe him, truly

appreciate him, I concern myself

with territories. Some days I get

confused which is which is which.  

I have to ask: would Sylvia Plath

spend time on Insta? Can you imagine

it? Head in the oven…  

How does one ever know  

when one is done?

Rebecca Frost is a somatic therapist in Minneapolis. She's taught in the Dance and Theater Dept of the University of Minnesota, The Loft Literary Center, and Shakopee Women’s Prison. Just back from the Iceland Writers Retreat, in May Rebecca served as Poet in Residence for Waterlines at the Gremlin Theater. This past year she helped conduct the workshops, Somatic Abolitionism and Toward White Fluidity for Daily Kos, a BIPOC-led nonprofit news outlet.

Rebecca's Book Recommendations

In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado

Conversations with Gloria Naylor

On Freedom by Maggie Nelson

Pentimento by Lillian Hellman

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