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Issue 3.1

Winter 2023

Robert Guzikowski 


I would like readers to read this poem silently within their minds, and then out loud, and then out loud within their minds.

Aphasia Poem 8


gibbous hill wooded night

running down pathless ground taking flight

parting trees breathless sight inner light.


unity fluency

imprisoned pluperfect energy

zero force apogee gravity.


falling for falling stars

falling down down to earth endless night

bodiless senseless sounds falling out.


anti-crepuscular rays

moon-setting expressions lose their way

astonishment embraces disarray.


liminal syllable minimal

miracle verbal incurable.

Robert Guzikowski published work in the1970s and 80s in several magazines including Grub Street (Bronx, NY), Letters and Tightrope.  He co-edited The Parlor City Review.  In the 1990s he had encephalitis which caused brain damage.  Aphasia was one of the sequelae. He has resumed writing poetry and some of these poems have been published or are upcoming in Kissing Dynamite, The Raw Art Review, Rogue Agent, Wild Roof Journal and Full Mood.

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