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Issue 4.2

Summer 2024

Robert Rinehart


Some days are gems; some are heavy-leaded feet trudging the path of Sisyphus. Marcel Proust achieved, made a mark, seduced many readers, yet his habits were not "ordinary." "Walking on Jupiter" reminds me of malaise, effort, walking through mud.

walking on Jupiter


like a shadow of Marcel Proust, confined between

ochre sheets, rising only to snack, gulp

a Prosecco flute, or perform his toilet, like a trout.

                                time slowed

for someone who found himself treading in thickness,

        knowledge just creosote nibbling the edges of a cherished

side table, decay apparent in every stride, uniformity assured.

       an astronaut whose life

support measures nth blood lactate levels, stressed,

chartered & packed away as fluttering folders deep

beneath recesses' computer pockets: lab rats. yet

so not an astronaut, more a bed-ridden, hidden microbe.

overwhelmed white cells compromise an inner

world where recovery means one small

step. a day closer to the end.

Robert Rinehart (he/him) is a retired academic, a former swim coach with sacred linkages to
Dr. Marty Knight, and, currently, a poet and fiction writer living in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Robert's Book Recommendations

Lemon, Kwon Yeo-sun

Living to Tell the Tale, Gabriel García Márquez

Axeman's Carnival, Catherine Chidgey

Blue: In Search of Nature's Rarest Color, Kai Kupferschmidt 

Synesthesia, Richard E. Cytowic

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