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Issue 2.3

Fall 2022
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Christine Kwon

A Ribbon the Most Perfect Blue


            I saw a river once

So I can summon one

            Close your eyes


What can you not summon

            I live inside a summons

High up in a stone tower

            From the window

I see a blue river

            Like the one I saw in Mostar

As a tourist  

            If you come to my party

I will say thank you


            For answering the summons

I will show you


             Edna Saint Vincent Millay’s sister’s copy

Of her collected poems

            With flowers

From steepletop

            Taped inside the cover

But let’s say we’re not at a party

            At all but in

A cathedral

            Because you’ve seen one once

And you remember


            The people chattering

It is a tourist cathedral


            There are velvet ropes

Blocking off

            The sacred

Let’s say the hem

            Of mary’s dress

Is blighted white

            In one ripple

As if the sun has

            Tortured it

For years

            With relentless


            Now you see

Where I live 

            In some




Christine Kwon writes poetry and fiction. She lives in New Orleans. She is the 2022 winner of the Cowles Poetry Book Prize. Her first collection of poems, A Ribbon the Most Perfect Blue, is forthcoming from Southeast Missouri State University Press in spring 2023.

Christine's Book Recommendations

Salad Anniversary by Machi Tawada (modern take on ancient tanka form)
Autobiography of Death by Kim Hyesoon (mommy problems)
Yi Sang (sexy, pretty, early 20th century modernism)
Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey (young American, like Michael Dickman vibes) 

Masayo Koike (her poems are on Poetry International)


This poem is about living in language, being contained in a word.

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