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Issue 2.3

Fall 2022
Rachel. Fall 22

Rachel Moritz


Reading Victoria Chang’s Dear, Memory, and writing toward the blurry faces of my personal ghosts, I’ve been thinking about haunting as various notes of presence and absence. Poetry helps measure the gaps between these poles. 

Ghost Poem (Cardinal)


Each of us some silo of extraction

Bound to a flawed face alive & loving us

Each perch in a neighbor’s oak

And saying the dead clamor

While we finish our somatic work

Each pulse in the planet's weather

Each burning down our salt hearts 

But not this brute technology 

Making particles of thought

Each square plot becoming more and more ours

Each scuff of water on shingles

And stucco of an absent neighbor

Each ancestor, whomever, someone we can’t 

Rachel Moritz is the author of Sweet Velocity (Lost Roads Press, 2017), Borrowed Wave (Kore Press, 2015), and five poetry chapbooks. She lives in Minneapolis with her partner and son.

Rachel's Book Recommendations

Dear, Memory, Victoria Chang
Shirt in Heaven, Jean Valentine
Free Clean Fill Dirt, Caryl Pagel
DMZ Colony, Don Mee Choi
Ancestor Trouble, Maud Newton

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