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Issue 2.3

Fall 2022
Robbie. Fall 22

Robbie Gamble

The Great Resignation

It’s not just in your head.

Rat pawprints 
in a fresh-cured 
square of pavement.

Smells like snow 
hovering over the city.

Get used to it.

Robbie Gamble (he/him) is the author of A Can of Pinto Beans (Lily Poetry Review Press, 2022), which was a finalist for the 2022 Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize from the New England Poetry Club. His poems have appeared in the Atlanta Review, Carve, RHINO, Salamander, and The Sun. He divides his time between Boston and Vermont.

Robbie's Book Recommendations

When My Body Was a Clinched Fist by Enzo Surin Silon

Frank: Sonnets by Diane Seuss

Crushing It by Jennifer L. Knox

Apocalyptic Swing by Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Ill Lit by Franz Wright


Sometimes a popular phrase will worm its way into my psyche, and rattle around until it provokes some kind of response in verse. “The Great Resignation” is a current label of social commentary in the time of COVID that seems to be operating on multiple levels, from economic trending to intimate psychic mood. 

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