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Issue 4.2

Summer 2024

Hannah Lee


This poem was a challenge I gave myself based on researching a single object and found myself borrowing scientific language, and it produced interesting results in a poetic space. The form came second but it is very intentional with the intent that the reader slows down, savors each segment, and as ironic as it is, I hope the short jagged nature of the poem lends itself to elongating each moment within the poem.



I long to become an  orange\eating
sun rays in hopes\of
sweetening my segments\juice vesicles wrapped\in layers underneath\the flavedo\a noun\the way an orange is not\a mandarin and the hearts\of friends do not resemble\that of lovers\albedo\the inner\lining the pith\of the fruit\that is discarded\because it is anything but\contains\nothing but whiteness\leavi ng the chlorophyll\as I greedily drink\your light hoping\it will paint over\my green with carotene\and xanthophyll\but in fear\that it  will never mature\I eat the sour fruit whole

Hannah's Book Recommendations

A Cruelty Special to Our Species by Emily Jungmin Yoon 

Ward Toward by Cindy Juyoung Ok

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